Foto auto studenten 2Foto auto studenten

This new car concept from students of Eindhoven University of Technology reduces total CO2 emissions during the production process by a third. The ETERNA electric car consists of two separate parts with two different life cycles.

In the Netherlands a car is scrapped on average after just under 20 years, according to sector organization Auto Recycling Nederland.

By looking at the construction of a car differently, the TU/Ecomotive student team of Eindhoven University of Technology has found a way to extend the lifespan of cars and ultimately reduce the total CO2 emissions during the production process by a third!

How? By building the vehicle from two separate parts and approaching it as two separate life cycles.

The result is the modular car ETERNA, with which the students will tour Western Europe in mid-August.

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Nieuwe machine 3foto LCM lijn

Vorm Werk Producties BV has further expanded its production capacity. Now we also have the option of producing EPDM profiles on an LCM line.
As a result, we can now offer a complete range of profile extrusion in the following variants

  • TPE (BIO)
  • TPV and EPDM (BIO)
  • NBR,
  • VMQ (silicone)
 Looking for a specific type of profile to use in your project? Please contact Vorm Werk Producties BV. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of our profiles for your applications.
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Vorm Werk Productions for biobased profiles

Due to the increasing demand for our production, we have expanded our production capacity with an extra machine.
This allows us to produce the requested profiles for our customers on several lines.

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biobased grondstoffen

The European target is that we are is fully circular by 2050 and that we must have already reached half of this target by 2030.

One possibility to achieve this target is the use of biobased building materials.  Vorm Werk Producties B.V. produces biobased profiles that are made from natural residues and thus already meet these objectives. Our profiles can also be converted into new profiles at the end of their lifespan.
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