Vorm Werk Producties B.V. (VWP) is a young, dynamic company from Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) that focuses on designing of hard and soft profiles for indoor and outdoor use. In consultation with you, we choose a sustainable and bio-based polymer that is most suitable for the application of your project.

Sustainable bio-based polymers

We support the choice to work with sustainable biopolymers that make a positive contribution to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our bio-based polymers are also easily recyclable, making it easy to complete the cradle-to-cradle assignment, that already starts with our production. The production waste, which arises at the start and end of a production run, is processed again into usable granulate.  We then use this granulate to produce new hard or soft profiles without loss of quality. This way we can also work together towards a clean and non-wasteful economy.

Our working method is customer-oriented, and we take the time to properly map out your wishes. Using our own AutoCAD system, the desired profile is drawn based on your specifications and discussed with you for approval. After your approval, a trial production will follow, and we will then produce the requested profiles for you.

Sustainable production

VWP not only has several fully-fledged production lines, but also a special line with which we can make test productions on order. Our machines run on sustainable electricity, and we do not use natural gas in the company building.

Our people have extensive experience in the extrusion practice. You can contact us for large-scale productions, but we also welcome a small project as a test.